Yoga Chanting
To connect to oneself and others through the voice

Yoga in Singing & mantras

One of the meanings of the word Yoga is "To connect" ! The Yoga in Singing is a method which enables to connect to oneself, to one's deepest nature through the singing of mantras and poems of wisdom from Idris Lahore. The discovery trainings enable this experience through learning the model session of Yoga in Singing.

Meditation and awareness of the movement

An essential element in this connection to oneself, is the practice of meditation and movements of yoga, which enable to cultivate the key element to reach mindfulness and happiness : attention. 
Therefore, the medthod contains movements of yoga, but also of Qi Gong and the practice of the meditation : "The sound of silence".

Learning wisdom

The mantras, songs and poems of wisdom, also called "The words of healing" are thoroughly studied as a path of knowledge of oneself, of others, and of the world.

The method proposes an essential development of the being through a journey to different parts of the world : to the Masters of Samara, to the Sino Tibetan Taoïsm... It enables us to get in touch with the universal wisdom in ourselves.

Voice art

The trainings also allow you to work on speech through voice art exercises allowing any singer or speaker to acquire confidence, charisma and fluency in speech. This method allows you to strengthen your talents, free your creativity and use your voice in a new and lively way. Energetic techniques (EFT / TFT) release psychological blockages and joint techniques resulting from the Dorn method act on the whole "body-instrument".